Welcome to Harmony Veterinary Center

Our joy is to keep tails wagging and cats purring

You will find a balanced approach to veterinary care integrating all appropriate therapeutic options from both traditional and complementary medicine. Our medical team focuses on the whole pet and the maintenance of health rather than the treatment of a single disease. We create a partnership between you, your pet, and our medical staff to provide you and your pet individualized care.

You can relax and get your questions answered

Our longer appointment times with a focus on education provide you time to have thoughtful discussions with our medical team to arrive at state-of-the-art treatment plans for your pet. Energy medicine, homeopathy and other complementary therapies are integrated into your pet’s visit or care. Our team advocates for each pet to eliminate pain and create the highest quality of life possible.

Your pet can relax

We cultivate the human-animal bond and create a friendly healing environment for each pet and their family. We are dedicated to a culture of service and you will find us joining our clients in community projects that support both pets and people.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet.