Things that go BOOM in the night – Fire Crackers and Thunderstorm, are you ready?

By June 16, 2016 January 24th, 2018 Harmony Blog

Dog in rainThunderstorms and loud noises are often scary for pets. Animal control officers across the country report a 30 percent increase in lost pets each year between July 4 and July 6—and only 14 percent of those pets are reunited with their families. They also report more lost pets after a large thunderstorms.

In an effort to reduce their fear, keep them safe at home and improve everyone’s quality of life we have devise some simple actions you can take now to make thunderstorms and this coming Fourth of July happier for everyone.

Action Steps

(1)   Microchip you pet.

  • You will have a much higher chance (80%) of being reunited with your best friend if he or she is microchipped.
    Dalmation by a chair

    Does this remind you of someone you know?

  • Confirm the chip’s registration. You can use AAHA’s free Universal Pet Microchip Lookup tool to check to make sure your pet’s microchip is registered. If the chip isn’t in the database call us and we can help you get it registered.
  • Come in and have us scan your pet for free to check that your pet has a microchip, that it is working or place a microchip if your pet needs one.

(2)    Devise a plan to improve quality of life. Anxiety does not have to be the only way your pet gets through scary moments in life. Give us a call at Harmony Veterinary we are always willing to help you reduce your pets anxiety and improve their quality of life as naturally as possible.

(3)    Provide Positive Reinforcement. Do anything you can to help your dog feel better; teaching her new, pleasant associations is the best way to reduce fearful behavior. Do not scold or punish her for her displays of anxiety, remember that her behavior is not about disobedience it’s about fear.

(4)    Talk with a trainer, they are great at helping stop the fear cycle in dogs with noise sensitivities. Click here for links to trainers we recommend.

(5)   Talk with the family and have a plan for your pets for thunderstorms and the Fourth of July weekend. Here are three great links that will educate everyone and help you devise a plan that is just right for you and your pets.

(6)    Purchase calming treats, calming music, thunder shirts and other aids to help keep your best friend calm. We recommend all of the above before trying pharmaceuticals

  1. Composure Pro
  2. Solliquin
  3. Thundershirts
  4. What about CBD (hemp) to calm my pet? CBD works great for calming dogs in the right dose and purity. It doesn’t work well for cats, because cats have different receptors in their brain that render CBD’s less effective. Please call us if you are considering CBDs to help with your dog’s anxiety and we can walk you through the pros, cons, and dosing.