Tips to Reduce Stress and Keep Your Pet Safe this Holiday Season

By November 14, 2016 January 24th, 2018 Harmony Blog

Australian Shepherd peeking through fall leaves on black background

Keep Xylitol and Chocolate Away from Your Pet This Holiday Season

With the holidays, right around the corner, baking sheets are coming out. We are all preparing to make our special someone some goodies. We need to be aware that our furry friends also love our treats.

With that in mind, keep the chocolate goodies and sugar free alternative Xylitol snacks out of reach. A cookie or muffin made with Xylitol can be more harmful than chocolate. Among other side effects it drops their sugar levels dramatically. If you want to bake for your dog here is a wonderful recipe for dog friendly muffins.

Lower Your Pet’s Holiday Stress Level

With all the hustle and bustle going on, it’s easy for our furry friends to get stressed. To help your pets stay calm consider keeping your kitties closed in a room with all their comfort towers and toys. Dogs can be gated off in the living room or a spare bedroom, not in the kitchen.

Please advise your guests to be careful when opening doors and let them know that, even though your pet can be the best well behaved animal in the world, over stimulation can make them behave in odd ways, so giving them space.

Consider feeding your pets before your guests arrive and, if they need, consider using calming aids like Thundershirts, soft music in their rooms, or a calming treat like Composure or Solliquin.

If your schedule permits, take time to play with your pets or take them for a long walk before guests arrive. This will help them relax and burn off extra energy. Morning meditation or massage, although not as active, is another good way to relax both dogs, cats and humans before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

Aquapuncture, a form or acupuncture where vitamin b-12 is injected into calming acupuncture points, is another great way to naturally calm your dog or cat for a period of several days. It can be performed at the clinic a few days before the holiday. It is also a good option, if after your guests leave, your pet is still experiencing anxiety.

For more holiday safety tips check out this great article from the AVMA.