Spring is in the air and that gets most humans out into the yard to grill or garden. We also like to get into the garage and around the rest of the house for little spring cleaning. This allows our pets to join us, and be expose to some toxic substances. We need to keep them safe so here is a list with links to common pet toxins around the home. 

Please keep these away from dogs, cats and any pet and have a happy safe spring with your best friend.  

Plants & Foods

Chocolate                    Caffeine                       Xylitol (Artificial Sweetener)  

Grapes                         Raisins                           Currents                     

Alcohol                        Mushrooms                 Avocado

Fatty Foods                 Walnuts                       Macadamia Nuts

Apple Seeds                 Onions                         Garlic

Chive                            Leek                             Rhubarb

Essential Oils and Liquid Potpourri            Oleander(shrub)                    

Poinsettia                    Foxglove                      Tomato vine

Philodendron               Lily-of-the-valley     Marijuana (THC)

Algae (Blue/Green)     Mistletoe                   Azalea, rhododendron

Most Lilies (Cats)                               

Drugs & Pills

Tylenol –          especially in cats        

Aspirin –           in high doses

Aleve-               in very low doses (only 1-2 tablets)

Vitamin D       

Fleet Enema –  in cats

Most human prescriptions

Nicotine – E-cigarette and Secondhand smoke

THC/medical or recreational marijuana containing THC


Chemicals/Household Hazards

Rat poison or Rodenticides (all kinds)                    Snail bait

Antifreeze (ethylene glycol)                                       Pesticides

Fertilizers                                                                       Flea dips/sprays

Gasoline                                                                         Walnut husks

Many household detergents & disinfectants          Mothballs

Paint and Varnish                                                        Cocoa Mulch

Pyrethrin/Pyrethroids (insecticide)                         Zinc (coins/bolts)


If your pet does come in contact with or ingests anything on this list please call and go to the nearest veterinary or veterinary emergency hospital. Take the package or any remaining product with you for the veterinarian to see. Call ASPCA Poison Control Hotline 888-426-4435   | Pet Poison Helpline 800-213-6680 on your way in to the hospital.