Lexie Turns 7 – Together We Are a Community

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that our little Lexie is now seven years old. When she was just five months she was diagnosed with spinal meningitis, a life-threatening disease that is often congenital in her breed. Her pet parents took her to five other veterinarians and they all recommended that she be “put down.”  Dr. Brown and I just couldn’t do it.

It took a year and much community support to pull her through. She was at the clinic every day, lived with a foster family in the neighborhood and slowly gained strength. The community was amazing, holding garage sales and bake sales and all kinds of fundraisers for this little puppy. Veterinarians donated their time to treat her and medical suppliers donated supplies. It is truly a community coming together that allowed this precious soul to thrive.

The week before her seventh birthday, Karen and I set out of our epic 428-mile bike ride across Iowa to raise money for Lexie’s charity. Not for her, for her ability to pay it forward and help other pets.

In the town of Sigourney, Iowa we were reminded of how much community matters. This little town has a story similar to Lexie. The town was told through a series of events that the Ride Across Iowa (Ragbrai) would only come to their town when “Pigs Fly.” Pretty much like Lexie’s first months – no one believed that she could survive. With community pulling together, as with Lexie, this little town embraced their motto down to the last person in town and you guessed it – it is now the town where Pigs Fly and Ragbrai came to town.


Even the grade school children rejoiced in meeting their goal.  They made posters for the outside of their school that read: When do you get to miss two days of summer school? When Pigs Fly! And they all drew a little flying pig and put their name to it.



With your help the Lexie Fund has raised $7,200 of our $10,000 goal to help pets. If you would like to contribute please follow our GoFundMe link or you can make a check out to The Lexie Fund and mail it to Harmony Veterinary Center, 13777 W. 85th Drive, Arvada, CO 80005

Karen and I could not have done it without all of the community support, wishing us well and encouraging us to train. It was a life changing experience for us that can be summed up as being inspired by riding with 15,000 other bikers all with a “can-do” attitude in a collaborative effort to get everyone across the state.

Lexie could not be celebrating her seventh birthday today without the support of community and the “can-do” attitude of all that have supported her. She fosters a collaborative spirit and we continue to pay it forward to help the many pets have in our community.

Lexie’s 7th Birthday Party, August 1, 2018


It is with deep gratitude that we recognize each of your contributions to the Lexie Fund. We cannot do it without you. Your contributions touch the lives and hearts of many. It is helping improve the quality of life for a loved one that another person holds so dear to their heart. 

Thank you all,

Lexie, Julia and Karen

(Julia & Karen dipping
tires at the Mississippi
River finish)