Whether you are pet parent, a kid parent or both, you may be surprised to learn that both children and pets benefit from good oral care! We’ve teamed up with our new friends and neighbors at Clover Kids Dentistry to bring you these top tips for a healthy smile in both kids and pets:

  1. Start them young and make it a routine.

    Be patient and go slow. Learning to brush your teeth or to accept a toothbrush takes consistency and training. For kids, make it a part of their morning and bedtime routines. For pets, you’ll find success with the same approach by making it part of their daily morning or evening routine.

  2. Use the proper toothpaste.

    Kids should always use an ADA approved toothpaste that is age appropriate. Not only do they come in fun flavors kids will love (yay, bubblegum!), but they will also be free of harsh additives that can damage enamel on young teeth. For pets, always use a pet specific toothpaste, never human toothpaste. Pet toothpaste is made so pets will like the taste and more easily accept brushing.

  3. Make it fun.

    For kids, play a favorite song while you brush or turn it into a game, brushing one quadrant of the mouth during each 30-second commercial of their favorite TV show. Pets can also enjoy brushing as a fun treat or game! Let your pet lick the pet toothpaste off a soft children’s brush, then wipe it on their gums with your finger so they get used to its yummy taste as well as something foreign touching their teeth. Work up to using a toothbrush to wipe the toothpaste on their gums. Slowly add more time and brushing motions to each of the four mouth quadrants.

In the long run, good oral hygiene will add years to the lives of your loved ones, while saving hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in dental bills. Right now, Clover Kids Dentistry is offering “Free Under 3!” All children aged three and under are FREE with Dr. Betty Yip at this brand new, board-certified, state-of-the-art facility located next door to Harmony. Includes exam, cleaning, and fluoride treatment. Call (720) 805-0707 today for your appointment or request one online.