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Free Online Tool Answers Pet Insurance Questions

In veterinary medicine, we see cases that range from routine care to rare disease and even unexpected accidents on a daily basis. Helping you plan to manage these various costs is important to us and heartbreaking when we can’t do it effectively.

Many people have a savings account for routine pet care and are good about putting money aside for these monthly or yearly healthcare needs. Others simply use credit to bridge the gap in their savings or cash flow. Still others have both a savings plan and pet insurance. 

For various reasons, many pet parents don’t buy pet insurance to help budget the cost of unexpected pet illness or injury. Their reasons range from “I can’t afford it” and “My friend told me it’s a waste of money” to “My pet will never get sick or have an accident.” 

If you don’t have pet insurance because of views that run along these lines, we’re not writing to sell you on pet insurance. We’re a veterinary team, not pet insurance sellers. Pet health care is our focus, and so is client service. It is in that spirit that we share this information and debunk common misconceptions about pet insurance.

Naturally, we hope your pet enjoys a lifetime of good health, but the reality is that things happen. Research shows that roughly 1 in 3 pets will need emergency veterinary treatment in any given year. For pet parents who don’t have pet insurance to cover veterinary costs, they must depend on savings, credit cards, loans, or financial assistance to cover costs.

To avoid such situations, pet insurance helps pet parents make decisions that are in the best interests of their pet’s health versus being constrained by finances. We understand that insurance is a complicated topic in the best of  times. Ultimately, the best decision for any pet parent to make about their pet’s health is an informed decision. To help you make that decision, we want to let you know about a free online pet insurance education website called

Like this email, is not designed to sell you pet insurance. The focus of the website is to simply help you understand what pet insurance is and isn’t, answering questions such as:

  • How much does pet insurance cost?
  • How does breed impact coverage and costs?
  • What types of coverage are offered by insurance companies?

The site includes a free “Get a Quote” tool to compare numbers from various pet insurers so you can quickly find out how much pet insurance will cost for your pet. Again this is primarily an online, educational resource designed to help you gather the facts and make an informed decision. We are not connected to in any way, and do not profit if you decide to use it.