Our team at Harmony Veterinary Center has developed a rich culture of service. It started when we opened our doors in 2010 and we were called to assist Mr. Calvin, a beautiful 16 year old cat who came to us near death. Calvin was treated with a combination of traditional and complementary medicine and went on to live another joy filled 18 months with his dad. Calvin’s dad helped us start our Lexie Fund.

Each month since then, our team has either volunteered their skills, time, or services to help both pets and people in need. Our clients join in as well, often working alongside of us in volunteer projects or in helping a pet find a home.

We cannot express our gratitude enough for all of the kind hearted people who help us live our mission of enriching the lives of pets and people. Our lives are deeply touched by the rich friendships that have developed and the joy we receive in serving our community in this way.

Colorado Flood Recovery

In September of 2013, Colorado was hit with the worst flooding in history. Imagine the Colorado River suddenly flowing through every creek and town in Northern Colorado. Many of our clients and pets were affected. Our team responded as soon as the roads were open helping clear the mountain of mud and debris that impacted so many in our area.

women with track loader

Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals

Each month this all volunteer group traps, spays or neuters, and return feral cats to their colonies. This approach, called “TNR” (for trap/neuter/return), is the most efficient and humane way of decreasing feral cat numbers and stopping the euthanasia of these cats at shelters.

Spay Neuter volunteer day

Staffing Local Adoption Events


dog with the volunteer medical team
brown dog with adopt me vest at community event