Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission and Vision: Enriching the lives of pets and people through integrated veterinary medicine.

At Harmony Veterinary Center, we pioneer advances in integrated veterinary medicine for the health and well-being of companion animals. By drawing from the successes of fields usually considered divergent, we promote and strengthen the human-animal bond, relieve pain, hasten healing, achieve optimal wellness, and improve quality of life for companion animals. Through the healing touch of compassionate care, our medical team provides high quality medical evaluations and treatments tailored to the individual patient. This outstanding medical care includes placing the client at the center of the decision-making process with emphasis on what is best for the patient and consideration of, and respect for, the client’s perspective.


  • Human-Animal Bond: We support and strengthen the human-animal bond through the provision of compassionate, selfless, uncompromising medical care for every patient.
  • Compassionate Fear Free Care: Compassionate Fear Free care is provided to every patient and extends out to clients, staff and our community. We provide a harmonious, understanding, supportive, comfortable and respectful environment for patients, clients, staff members and community.
  • Client Education: We include the client as part of the pet care team, educating each client about all preventative and treatment options available to their pet while actively engaging them in their pet’s care and supporting the human-animal bond.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Lifelong learning is vital to personal and professional development. To maintain the highest level of veterinary care and to establish ourselves as experts, we continually pursue opportunities for personal and professional education and growth.
  • Honesty, Integrity, Teamwork are building blocks that nourish healthy relationships. Harmony is not just the name of our practice it is a concept to strive for through the building blocks of honesty, integrity, teamwork, open communication, flexibility, collaboration, compromise and camaraderie.
  • Collaboration: As colleagues in the veterinary profession, we collaborate with each other, extending across practice modalities or specialties whenever necessary to establish the best treatment options for each patient.
  • Courtesy and Respect result in fair and equal discussions that acknowledge our diversity and allow us to graciously adhere to our common vision, mission and values.
  • Servant Leadership: We foster an attitude of serving our patients, clients, staff and our community. Serving the other allows us to be strong, vibrant, profitable veterinary provider for our patients, clients, staff and community.
  • Passion for Excellence is at the heart of what drives us. Work, when done right, is designed to be enjoyable, if you love what you do you will never work another day in your life. Joy, peace and gratitude for those we serve allow our passion for this field to inspire us every day.