Callie Sterle

Veterinary Technician

A long-time pet lover who grew up on her grandfather’s ranch surrounded by animals, Callie brings over seven years of veterinary clinic experience to Harmony. She focuses her time in both surgery and general wellness appointments, appreciating any opportunity she gets to educate clients. Her areas of knowledge extend from vaccine schedules, nutrition and spay/neuter to training, socialization and the importance of routine tests and preventative care.

Explains Callie, “Growing up, I found myself saving or bringing in lost pets and nursing them back to health, but my family rarely vaccinated or offered preventative care and tried to ‘self-medicate’ anytime our animals were sick or injured. I know they loved our pets very much, but I came to realize that’s not always enough. I’m big on advocating for the pet because in vet medicine their health is our top priority. When the situation presents itself, I educate clients the best I can.”

Prior to joining Harmony, Callie worked as a vet tech at Lake Geneva Animal Hospital in Wisconsin as well as Lookout Mountain Animal Hospital in Golden, Colorado. “What I appreciate most about Harmony is both their high-quality client service and their sense of community. I’ve never worked anywhere where people care this much about their employees’ health and happiness. I love that we can form relationships with each of our clients, taking the time each patient needs without being rushed.”

Callie regularly volunteers at Higher Ground Healing, a horse therapy organization in Golden, where she helps care for animals and keeps the barn clean for client sessions. In her spare time, this Wisconsin native enjoys road trips, camping, flat-water kayaking, hiking, snowboarding and even attending comic-cons. She also has a part-time, mobile grooming business called “Behind the Ears Grooming” that offers clients convenience as well as her sole attention in a low-stress environment. She lives with Link, a Great Pyrenees/Dachshund mix, as well as two bunnies named Barry Allen and Iris, a hamster named Goose and a ten-year-old Bearded Dragon named Charizard.