Hannah Dalessandro

Tech Assistant

Born and raised in Michigan where she watched a lot of Animal Planet, Hannah believes in leaving all things better than she finds them, a mission that bodes well for both the people and animals who cross her path in life. “My best friend would describe me as someone who puts others before themselves, almost to a fault. I care deeply about others and helping animals is my number one mission in life.”

It is this respect for both her patients and teammates that drives Hannah to bring the very best of herself to the clinic every day. A self-described Jack-of-all-trades, she loves the variety of work that being a vet tech provides. From holding animals for blood pulls to keeping hospital supplies stocked, Hannah appreciates the daily, hands-on opportunity to work with pets.

“Some kids want to be an astronaut or a teacher when they grow up. All I’ve ever wanted to be since I was six was a veterinarian. That has never changed,” shares Hannah. Having started her undergraduate studies at Michigan State University, she is nearly finished and has plans to finish up at Colorado State University with her eye on vet school.

Prior to joining Harmony, Hannah gained three years of experience as a vet tech at both Brinker and Gasow veterinary hospitals in Michigan. “What I love about Harmony is the family environment they’ve created that makes you feel heard and respected no matter what your position is. They appreciate you,” says Hannah.

Hannah lives with her two adopted cats, Rotary and Axl. Yes, they are named after car parts, a trend that started with Rotary who was found as a stray with his paw caught in a car tire. When not rescuing or volunteering with animals, Hannah enjoys hiking, backpacking, arts and crafts, and reading. She can also still be caught binge-watching Animal Planet.