Jaci Nettleton

Veterinary Technician

Jaci Nettleton, Veterinary Technician

Growing up in Minnesota, Jaci was always the one to dog-sit for friends and family, and was drawn to caring for animals her whole life. 

She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Sociology of Law, Criminology, and Deviance, but knew she didn’t want to go into that field.  Jaci started in the veterinary field in January of 2020, after getting a Golden Retriever puppy named Rowan. When taking him to the vet, she realized the environment and work styles were perfect for her own career. Jaci worked at a Banfield Pet Hospital for 8 months, then switched to Plymouth Heights Pet Hospital and enjoyed her work there for almost two years. Upon moving to Colorado in Fall 2022, Jaci found Harmony Veterinary Center and has fit right in with our desire to enrich the lives of pets and people. She contributes to the supportive and helpful atmosphere we strive to create each and every day. When reflecting on the rest of the staff at Harmony, Jaci says, “I know they will always have my back no matter what.”

She also loves to meet every pet that comes through HVC and “learn all their unique personalities” while working at our clinic. The process of restoring our patients back to their happy and healthy selves is inspiring, motivating, and adorable, of course! Jaci is highly motivated to learn, improve her skills, and aspires to always keep learning.

Outside of work, Jaci enjoys hiking, going to the gym, and watching football and baseball. Go Vikings! She’s quite the adventurer with Rowan, her now three year old Golden Retriever. He often comes with her on hikes and trips around the country. “I love to spend time with him and show him the world in any aspect,” Jaci says.