Katelyn Hopster


Growing up in rural Georgia, Katelyn was surrounded by farms and the animals that lived on them, creating fond memories that made a lasting impression on her heart. She is filled with gratitude to be working closely with pets every day as she answers phones, schedules appointments, and otherwise assists clients from the front desk.

Prior to joining Harmony, Katelyn gained experience as Receptionist, Vet Assistant and Kennel Tech at Planned Pethood, Red Rock Veterinary Clinic and Liberty Animal Hospital where she often assisted with appointments, vaccines, and surgery. She also worked closely with rescues to spay and neuter pets in need. Prior to starting in the veterinary field, Katelyn studied psychology for two years at West Georgia Technical College.

“I appreciate the environment at Harmony; I feel respected. Their core values are very strong, and they are dedicated to the growth of their people.” For Katelyn, that support has allowed her to set her eyes on obtaining her CVT and perhaps continuing her college degree with a focus on animal behavior for which she seems to have a knack.

“I once worked with a small Dachshund named Zeke who was run over by a car. Zeke wasn’t fond of many people and even tried biting my manager. I cared for him daily, wrapping his wounds and providing laser treatments and hydrotherapy. As he felt better, he softened, and his personality grew. Animals who are acting mean are really just scared; they want to be loved. Watching the daily improvement that came with good, loving care was fascinating as well as rewarding,” she recalls.

Katelyn lives with her Poodle, Nico, whom she took in when he was abandoned at a previous clinic, as well as a roommate and two additional dogs, Poe and Moose. She enjoys yoga and meditation as well as pottery and painting and exploring nature. “I believe it’s important to find a way to express yourself any way you can,” she says.