Stephanie Coats

Digital Office Coordinator

Stephanie joined Harmony in 2017, serving as Lead Receptionist until January 2020 when she transitioned to a remote office position after moving to Maryland. Working from the east coast, she coordinates everything from new hires and staff training to app management and email response. Prior to joining Harmony, Stephanie spent four years as a technician assistant and receptionist at Academy Veterinary Hospital, where she nurtured an interest in client education and patient advocacy, focus areas that deepened at Harmony.

“I love the opportunity to speak with clients and inform them of the various care options available for their pet that go beyond standard medications. Preventative and supportive measures like vitamins, supplements, massage, laser therapy and acupuncture can all be customized to fit their lifestyle,” explains Stephanie.

Having felt deeply connected to animals since she was a young child, Stephanie sought out veterinary medicine as an opportunity to give them a voice. She leans whenever possible on The Lexie Fund, Harmony’s non-profit initiative. “If I hear of a pet in the community having a hard time, instead of saying ‘that’s too bad,’ I look at what we can do to enrich the life of that pet, reaching out to vendors and clinics for care and educating clients that this resource is there and why it’s there.”

Before moving to Maryland, Stephanie worked closely with 4 Paws 4 Life to both foster animals and organize pet food drives.  She shares, “What I appreciate so much about Harmony is how deeply rooted we are in the local community. We are aware of what is happening around us and we reach out when shelters or communities are in need, pulling together resources and donations to help in any way we can.

Stephanie lives and works in Maryland with her husband as well as a Husky mix named Darwin and three cats, Wallie, Leroi and Ada. She enjoys music, concerts, gardening, and hiking. “I’m so appreciative that I can continue this work with Harmony from a distance. The genuine care that our team has for our clients and patients is something I want to support for as long as I can,” she says.