Bonjour, Friends!

I am Chiclet (pronounced shee-CLAY, but if you call me CHICK-let, that’s okay too)!

I was found roaming the streets, obviously neglected. I was quite the ragamuffin when I was taken to a shelter, but after a bath, haircut, and nail trim, I hardly recognized myself!

You’ll note I’m a “special needs” dog. That just means I have hearing and vision deficits, but I assure you, I’m quite adept at getting around my foster family’s house, including going in and out the back door, to the yard. I love walks, and the only help I need on a walk is to be shown when I’m at a curb, so I know to step down or step up. A couple 15 to 20 minute slow walks a day will suit me just fine!

I have small cataracts, but nothing that needs treatment at this time. I can see light, and I can see enough to avoid crashing into things.

My hearing isn’t so good any more, and my ears do require a little maintenance – I just need some ear drops occasionally to help keep my ears clean. I come with ear drops, by the way. Oh, and I’m up to date on vaccinations.

I’m about 12 years old, and I’m little – just a bit over 11 pounds.

I will let you know when I have to go outside – I get very restless!

I love to be held. When nothing’s going on, I just curl up and take a nap. I’m pretty “low maintenance”.

Although I have hearing and vision deficits, I certainly don’t have any love deficits! My foster mom says I’m a dear, sweet girl, probably because I love everyone I meet, and I’m very good with the other dogs in my foster home.

I will do best in a quiet home with people who are around most of the time. During the day, I need to go out every three to four hours. I do sleep through the night, though. 🙂

If you’re looking for a charming, sweet new family member, I could be your girl! Apply for me today, and let’s find out! Please apply at or call 303-674-6442, if any questions.