Celebrating Women in Veterinary Medicine

By March 5, 2021 Harmony Blog

March is Women’s History Month, a perfect time to acknowledge and celebrate not only the women who take care of the special animals in your life, but also those who have pioneered techniques that allow us to better understand and treat them. Just 30 years ago, it was rare to find a female in veterinary medicine. Now, women make up over 80% of Doctor of Veterinary (DVM) graduates and are increasingly becoming clinic owners. We think that’s a pretty special accomplishment, and are exceptionally proud of our own doctors who beautifully illustrate this progression.

Our clinical director was one of the few women to receive a DVM in the 1990’s, graduating from Colorado State University in 1997.
This former civil engineer was able to enter the doctorate program as a second career, pursuing her lifelong dream of veterinary medicine.
A Virginia native, Dr. Carly is proud to be part of the fast-growing number of female DVMs to graduate in the recent past.



Inspiring Next Generations: A Tribute to Dr. Sophia Yin

Like many professions in which women sought equality, each generation of females in veterinary medicine has built on those that came before them.

For Harmony Co-Owners Dr. Brown and Julia McPeek, the late Dr. Sophia Yin – one of the 10 most prominent female veterinarians – inspired them early on to follow low-stress handling techniques as a way to better serve patients in a fear-free manner.
Dr. Yin’s mission in life was to improve our understanding of animals and their behavior so that we can care for, appreciate and enjoy our time with them better. Thank you, Dr. Yin, for your pioneering spirit and lifelong dedication to veterinary medicine!