Giving and Service: The Year in Review

With 2022 coming to a close, the Harmony Veterinary Center staff takes a fond look back at the past whirlwind of a year. We had ups, we had downs, but we served pets and people every step of the way, with the support of our wonderful community and each other. This is a great opportunity to review not only what our clinic has done, but what our entire community has come together to accomplish in 2022.

The Lexie Garden

At Harmony Veterinary Center it is an important value to connect in nature for our health as well as our pets’ health. This is why we feature our garden and walkway at the front of our clinic for pets to explore before or after their appointments — or just for fun! 

This previous June, our owners worked with our marketing content writer Megan Burns to create a garden on the south side of our clinic in honor of Lexie, our mascot and angel over the Rainbow Bridge. Megan grew up next door to Lexie and organized a volunteer effort consisting of staff and community members to plant pet-friendly flowers and grass varieties and create a loving feel to our clinic. Special thanks to our staff and volunteers: Julia McPeek, Karen Duran, Megan Burns, Pamela Burns, Patrick Burns, Natalie Bradmon, Addisyn Bradmon, and Teagan Rooney. Your time has greatly helped our clinic flourish on the inside and out.

Kitten Neuter/Spays

Our staff came together to spay and neuter kittens from our friends at the Almost Home cat shelter. A total of 23 males and 19 females were fixed between our volunteer days on October 2nd, November 12th, and December 10th. Each kitten received individual love and attention to prepare them for their future homes.

Bright and early, staff from Almost Home came to our clinic with more than a few cat carriers, and our staff carefully gave each a checkup to ensure they were healthy for the procedure. Female kittens waited in one room and boys were next door, and one by one our doctors completed each procedure. After waking up, volunteers wrapped these adorable kittens in warm blankets to receive loving cuddles, as well as opportunities to eat, move around, and play once the grogginess wore off. By early afternoon, all cats were fully awake and ready to return to the shelter where they will find their forever homes. We truly have enjoyed this opportunity to help our community, and we look forward to continuing these neuter/spay days in 2023. 

October 2nd: 11 males, 7 females

November 12th: 8 males, 6 females

December 10th: 4 males, 6 females

These kittens are available for adoption into their forever homes! Please reach out to Almost Home Adoptions for rescued cats at 303-432-2299 or find them online at

Going forward to allow us to continue these kinds of service projects, Harmony Veterinary Center will be closed on the second Saturday of each month.

Devastating House Fire in our Staff Community

On the night of Saturday, November 12th, an accidental fire erupted in the Peyton-Smagac home in Westminster, Colorado. Fortunately, the entire family got out safely, including husband Ronnie, wife Nicole, daughter Mia (8), son William (5) and son Braxton (6 months) as well as their 3 dogs (Whiskey, Jade and Beau) and their cat Tater.

Due to devastating damage, this loving family had to completely start over. Ronnie lost all of his work tools and the family lost all of their belongings. The entire family was not feeling well due to the stress, while Nicole and Ronnie were in shock from the traumatic event and overwhelming tasks they had to complete to find some semblance of normal.

As her coworkers and friends, the staff at Harmony Veterinary Center decided to step up to help Nicole and her family. We launched a GoFundMe, and as a team, brought the family clothes, food, and furniture just days after the fire. The family is still rebuilding, making it through the holiday season in temporary lodging. This journey may be difficult and long, but as a hard working and compassionate community, we will give back and support the Peyton-Smagac family.

We’re still supporting this family to give them the sense of home they deserve. Monetary donations will be extremely helpful to help the family get into an apartment as soon as possible, along with covering additional costs that come with the stress of an unprecedented move. Check out our GoFundMe at this link: 

We are still looking for items like food, pet supplies, cleaning supplies, school and office supplies, and Christmas decor/gifts. As the family lost quite literally anything, any supplies needed to start over are much appreciated. Their Amazon wish list is here:

Items can be dropped off/shipped to Harmony Veterinary Center at 14729 W 87th Parkway, Arvada, CO 80005 and will be delivered to the family. All donations and funds will be sent directly to the family, while items will be delivered by Harmony staff members.

All support is much appreciated. “I cannot express my gratitude enough!” Nicole told HVC staff. “You have all made a horrible situation liveable.” Please continue to keep the entire family in your thoughts and prayers, and share this message with your community. Together, we can build the Peyton-Smagac family back to their loving home.

The Lexie Fund

In addition, we would like to thank our generous donors to our nonprofit organization, the Lexie Fund. This aids dozens of pets in need for families in the community who need support but don’t have the financial means to get there. Every pet deserves a chance at a happy life, and thanks to your support, we have been able to make these dreams a reality. 

The Year to Come

There is always more work that needs to be done. Harmony Veterinary Center would like to highlight a few organizations that you can give your support to to start this upcoming year on a positive note. 

Almost Home Adoptions for Rescued Cats: Located at 88th and Harlan, Almost Home is a no-kill, cage-free, nonprofit rescue, adoption center, sanctuary, and hospice. They depend on dedicated volunteers, foster families, and donors to keep the facility running smoothly at the benefit of countless cats.

  • Attend a Volunteer Orientation session to start volunteering! Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and be able to lift 20lbs, read written instructions, and work semi-independently. Requires a 6-month commitment, for 4 hours per week.
  • Attend a Foster Orientation session to begin fostering adorable cats and kittens! Potential fosters must live within 15 minutes of Almost Home, complete a personal interview, and review fostering guidelines such as updating all household pets on current vaccinations.
  • Almost Home Also needs supplies such as paper plates, clay litter, clumping litter, and both wet and dry cat food. View their Chewy wish list here: 
  • Almost Home Adoptions has also partnered with King Soopers to donate a percentage of your purchases to their organization! Visit the King Soopers website and create an account for more information.
  • Visit the Almost Home website for more information on their facility, how to help them further, and to watch their live kitten cam!

Human Animal Bond Trust: This nonprofit organization hosts free Pet Loss Support Groups for those in the Denver area on Thursday evenings, at the Dumb Friends League Veterinary Hospital. These are facilitated by therapists and veterinary professionals to provide support to the community. They also offer an educational program to help community understanding of pet loss and grief. They emphasize that “sorrow is not forever, love is.”

  • The Community Relations Program includes workgroups focused on marketing, publications, and content writing and is a fantastic way to build a marketing/business portfolio. The Education Program helps plan and coordinate educational events, while the Development Program develops relations with area sponsors and distributes marketing material. 
  • If you are interested in volunteering, email the program director at [email protected].

Humane Society of Boulder Valley: This shelter emphasizes socially conscious sheltering to provide the best possible experience for dislocated pets in the east Boulder area. They provide services for adoption, lost and found pets, training and behavior, and veterinary care. They strive to provide healthy relationships between pets and people.

  • Donate to HSBV on their website for a one time or monthly donation. They provide the option to see if your employer will match your contribution, in order to keep giving the gift of support.
  • The Hume Society of Boulder Valley has also partnered with King Soopers to donate a percentage of your purchases to their nonprofit organization! Visit the King Soopers website and create an account for more information.
  • Companies can receive benefits and publicity when partnering with HSBV by sponsoring one of their fundraising events or partnering with the organization. Learn more here
  • Thanks to the outpouring of community support, HSBV is not currently onboarding new volunteers. Check out their website for when more opportunities are available for any individual 15 years of age or older.  For questions, email [email protected].
  • Email [email protected] to begin fostering adorable cats and dogs! Annual training takes place each spring and provides a space to answer questions. 

In 2023, we hope to provide volunteer opportunities at our own clinic. Stay updated through our newsletter to learn about upcoming events and ways you can support. Read more about the Lexie Fund here to help our community today.

Most of all, we would like to emphasize our incredible gratitude for each and every one of our clients and community members for stepping up to help others in need. Even the smallest of acts makes someone’s day and changes a pet’s entire life. Your kind hearts lift up our clinic and improve our community every day. So from the entire HVC staff, THANK YOU!

We cannot wait to see what the upcoming year has in store for countless pets and their people, and how we can help in a way that leaves people smiling and tails wagging. Every day is just one step in enriching the lives of pets and people, and we look forward to striving for this goal in 2023.