About Us

Our mission is to enrich the lives of pets and people. With an integrated approach to medicine and individualized treatment paths, we live this mission every day by building partnerships with pet parents to promote a higher quality of life through balanced health and wellness care for your pet.

Integrative medicine combines the best options of conventional and alternative therapies to improve patient health and treat disease. Conventional medicine includes diagnostic testing like bloodwork or x-rays, surgery, and pharmaceutical therapy. Complementary therapies, also known as alternative or holistic therapies, include things like acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, herbal medicine, supplements, dietary therapies among others. Using both together allows a more thorough treatment of an individual patient, can minimize side-effects, and can lead to quicker healing with less recurrence of disease. Read More about our integrative approach

AAHA Accredited

Harmony Veterinary Center is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). To earn our accreditation, our hospital must demonstrate an exceptional level of medical care in over 900 standards. These standards directly correlate to the care we provide to pets. We are proud to be an AAHA-accredited practice on the leading edge of veterinary medicine. Learn more about what AAHA accreditation means for you and your pet and remember to visit AAHA’s healthypet.com for great information to help you and your pet every day.

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Harmony Veterinary Center Online Pharmacy

Purchase your pet’s medications and nutrition products in our online pharmacy and have them delivered right to your home? Visit our ONLINE PHARMACY now to begin shopping.

Vet Triage Service

Harmony Veterinary Center is proud to offer after-hours emergency veterinary triage to our clients through video telehealth services. The Vet Triage veterinarians will provide the same level of quality care you receive during normal business hours. They will triage your pet to assess if you are facing an emergency that requires an immediate visit to an emergency hospital. If you do not need to go in, they will provide home care and monitoring instructions. In the event you need immediate assistance, they will help you find the nearest 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital.