Medical Care

We offer state-of-the-art integrated medicine, combining the best of traditional western medicine and eastern approaches to healing, so that your pet is cared for in a way that is comfortable, therapeutic, and effective. With a healing touch and compassionate care, our highly trained, professional medical team provides the finest medical treatment, individually tailored to meet the needs of you and your pet.

At Harmony Veterinary Center, you will find the following medical services for your pet:


Acupuncture and Medical Qigong: Veterinary acupuncture and qigong can help your pet with arthritis problems, digestive disorders, feline asthma, pain management, and more. Medical Qigong helps balance energy, reduce anxiety and stress, and helps pets maintain an active healthy lifestyle.

Complementary Medicine: Veterinary medicine is constantly evolving; new therapies are emerging every day. Our goal is to help you understand the best options for your pet and act as a consultant and adviser when deciding if complementary therapy is right for your companion’s care.

Diagnostic Services: We offer state-of-the-art in-house diagnostic tools including digital radiography, dental x-ray and in-clinic laboratory testing, allowing quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment of your pet.


Dentistry: Often overlooked by pet owners, good oral hygiene is critical to your pet’s overall health. Mouth pain is one of the worst kinds of pain and can be avoided. The buildup of plaque and tartar can erode the structures supporting the teeth, resulting in loose or painful teeth and allowing bacteria to gain access to the bloodstream, where they can cause problems in the liver, kidneys, heart, and other organs. It is never too late to start a good oral hygiene regimen that can add quality years to your pet’s life.

Surgery and Anesthesia: Nearly all pet owners worry when their pet needs surgery. Rest assured that at Harmony Veterinary Center, our highly trained staff adheres to highest standards of anesthetic monitoring and surgical care. In addition we assign an animal nurse to care for your loved one throughout the day, including personally recovering your pet after surgery.

Pain Management: Your pet’s comfort is our highest priority. Untreated pain suppresses the immune system and delays healing. It can also affect the quality of life and interaction with your pet. It is vital that pain be addressed so that you and your pet can live an active and healthy life together. We utilize a variety of pain management techniques for traditional and complementary medicine to alleviate your pet’s pain.