Brittni Fairfield

Veterinary Technician

Two things have always remained core interests in Brittni’s life: animals and art. 

Growing up, Brittni was the kid who loved to watch any Disney film that starred dogs, cats or any animal. She also watched tons of Animal Planet and eventually stumbled upon the show Animal Cops. While her friends noticed how sad the show was, Brittni was inspired by the people in the show who stepped in to help animals in need and how their actions made a difference. 

Her first job at 16 was as a kennel technician at East Side Animal Hospital near Louisville, KY. After graduating high school, Brittni attended University of Louisville where she earned her Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in 2015. She worked professionally as an artist assistant for a glassblower, then as a seamstress for a few years. However, Brittni ultimately missed working with animals. 

Brittni decided it was time to get back into animal care! She began volunteering at Second Chances Wildlife where she helped to rehabilitate injured or orphaned animals in Goshen, Kentucky. Brittni then worked at the Kentucky Humane Society — where she had previously adopted her cat Bean —as an adoptions counselor. And eventually, she began working at Preston Animal Hospital as a veterinary assistant for about 3 years. Preston Animal is where Brittni found Pebbles, her dachshund mix who lived at the hospital for 2 months prior to Brittni finally bringing her home. She was a stray at the time and was being treated for a terrible case of demodectic mange. One of the techs there jokingly would call her “Crusty the Clown” because she had no hair and was covered in scabs! 

Eventually, Brittni and her husband would move to Dallas, Texas, where they lived for 3 years. She worked at Metro Paws Animal Hospital where she was an ICU nurse, where Brittni learned most of her skills due to the critical status of the patients she was helping to care for.  And finally, they moved to Colorado this past summer to be closer with family. She has 8 years of experience in the animal care field, with 5 of those years in veterinary medicine.

What initially drew Brittni to working at Harmony was our integrative approach and pain management treatments that we offer such as acupuncture, underwater treadmill therapy and massage. “Since working here I have really come to appreciate the quiet and calm atmosphere they have created,” Brittni says.“We make sure the patient has a quiet place to recover while being comforted by a staff member, no matter how long it takes for each patient to recover, we make sure they feel safe.”

Brittni enjoys the variety of skills we use at Harmony Veterinary Center. “Every day is a little different depending on what each individual patient needs,” she says.  “Being a vet tech means being an advocate for your patient. Obviously our patients cannot tell us what is wrong, so we have to do a bit of investigation such as effective client communication and diagnostics. It’s fun to be a part of improving their health.”

When she’s not helping to provide care for cats and dogs, you can find Brittni backpacking, hiking, fly fishing, sewing and painting.

Brittni has three pets: Pebbles is her 7 year old dachshund mix. Her cats are Ragnar, a 9 year old orange tabby, and Bean, a 13 year old torti.