Stephanie Tokarski


Stephanie’s first word in life was “woof,” leading her to obtain her first-ever dog, Alex, a German Wirehaired Pointer. “I asked for him since I was able to talk,” she says. “He was fat from always stealing pizza, but he was my best friend growing up until he passed.”

After working in the hospitality industry for many years, an open house unleased an instant passion in Stephanie for vet medicine. “I needed a change,” she explained, “and really became fascinated with the medical aspect of disease in pets and how to treat it. It’s incredibly satisfying to see patients get better with the help we provide.” Stephanie embarked on her veterinary technician certification at Pima Community College in Arizona.

Having relocated to Colorado in 2021, she brings four years of veterinary experience to Harmony from two clinics in Tucson, Sabino Veterinary Care and Acacia Animal Hospital. She welcomes any opportunity to look at things under a microscope and adores working with clients during exams. “I like deciphering why they are there, and what I can do to make their lives better,” she explains.

That passion for life extends to teaching her current dog, Audrey, parkour. “She responds to commands by jumping up on trees and over walls and absolutely loves it,” shares Stephanie. A mixed breed that she’s had since eight-weeks-old, Audrey is also “the best hiking buddy,” says Stephanie. A black cat named Sora rounds out their family. When not hiking or teaching new commands, Stephanie enjoys travel, video games and concerts.

“The atmosphere at Harmony is great,” she says. “The calm, positive attitude is reflected in our patients thanks to a welcoming environment with good people.” Stephanie is glad to be part of the team and thinks Alex would be proud.