Puppy & Kitten Wellness

Congratulations on bringing home your new companion! You are about to embark on a journey of love and laughter that is like no other. You’ve got the food dishes, toys, treats, and beds, but now what?

Veterinary visits and wellness exams for your puppy or kitten are very important to start your new arrival off right. Bring your puppy or kitten for an appointment with us as soon as possible after you bring him or her home. Our veterinarians will thoroughly examine your new family member for signs of illness or congenital diseases. We will design a personalized health care plan based on your puppy or kitten’s age, breed, overall health, and disease risk.


During your appointment you will have time to ask our medical team any questions. A few common issues to to be aware of are house or litter box training, unwanted biting, chewing or scratching behaviors, nutrition, and training. Our team will also spend time spend time socializing your puppy or kitten to being in a veterinary clinic, making his or her experience more like a play date than an exam. Please bring a list of your questions, as well as any medical records, and a stool sample to this first appointment.

Along with visits to the veterinarian, puppies and kittens have a few things in common during their lives; when to spay or neuter, what vaccinations should they have, what is the best food to feed them. However, puppies and kittens also differ greatly in lifespan and other needs. Read our Puppy and Kitten recommendations to get your new companion off to a good start. Visit our video and article library to find many related articles. In addition, visit our resource page to find a helpful links to websites and local resources you may need for your puppy or kitten.

We are here to help you create a lifetime of health and happiness with your pet. Please contact us if you have any question or concerns.


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