Lexie came to us when she was just 8 weeks old, a bright happy puppy full of life and joy. When she was 5 months old that all changed. Lexie became very ill and while at the emergency clinic one late night Lexie was diagnosed with sterile Spinal Meningitis, her family was devastated. They were in the process of getting pet insurance when she was diagnosed and with the diagnosis she would not qualify.

Lexie had a serious nervous system insult. Watch this YouTube video of another dog with the same condition as Lexie. The consensus of many vets was to put her down. The family had no hope and none of us at Harmony Veterinary Center could dream of putting Lexie down. We agreed to take custody of Lexie and do everything possible to heal her. The family agreed to help us raise money and stay active in Lexie’s life.

Lexie spent her days at Harmony Veterinary Center and received the best of complementary and traditional medical treatments. She was fostered by a neighborhood family and the community of 5 Parks came together and raised money to pay for her medical expenses. Many veterinarians donated time and service to help heal Lexie, even animal health companies like Merial and Idexx pitched in to help this special dog.

Lexie is now 5 1/2 years old and has become our clinic mascot. We have had the joy of watching her come back to full and vibrant health. She has been adopted by the foster family and her original family still has contact with her. Lexie has a rich social life, spending time at the clinic, and being trained to be a service dog. It was only fitting to have her give back to a community that has given so much to her. She loves people and loves to love and be loved.

Thank You
We cannot express our gratitude enough to all of the kind hearted people who have helped Lexie in so many ways. Lexie still comes to our clinic, not for treatment but to socialize and give love to all she meets. When you come to the clinic spend a little time with this special being, she will bring joy to your heart.

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