My life would not be complete without Sadie, my BFF and little “sister.” She had a tough start in life before she found a forever home with me and my humans. I’m incredibly proud of this girl and I can’t wait for you to meet her. She’s so special that Harmony is building a reading corner in their new backyard just so she can hang out and cuddle with kids while helping them read! She absolutely LOVES kids and I know you’ll grow to love her as much as I do! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about her. Love, Lexie.

What is your breed and how old are you?

I am a 3 1/3 years old Landseer Bronze Newfoundland.

How did you come to be Lexie’s sister?

Formally known as both Cindy and Coco, I endured a few hard years before finding my forever home. I started life in Kansas at a puppy mill where I lived outside, away from people, and where my breeder’s intention was for me to have lots of funky colored puppies. To get my rare bronze Landseer coloring, breeders often over breed, or breed without health checks or at too young of an age. As such, I was was born without tear ducts, causing my eye pressure to build, and ultimately giving me early-onset glaucoma, a painful disease that if property medicated, is likely preventable. However, my breeder did not treat me, and my eye condition worsened. Four months after being diagnosed, I was sick enough that my breeder surrendered me to a local vet, the kindest thing they ever did for me.

The vet in Kansas contacted the rescue group Big Dogs, Huge Paws (BDHP) and things started to turn around in my life. A team of volunteers from BDHP drove me to Colorado where I was seen by CSU’s vet department and underwent eye surgery. I stayed with a foster family while I was recovering and given a big dog bed that is still my favorite thing in the whole world! After I recovered, I was put up for adoption, found a new family in New Mexico and was given the name Coco. However, my new family was not the right fit. We suspect that my ongoing health and vision issues were more than they could handle, and so I was returned to BDHP and a new foster mom. From there, I found my forever home!

With whom do you both live?

I live with Lexie plus my favorite humans – Erin, Chad, Natalie and Addisyn. They met my foster mom in Alamosa to pick me up. With my 120-pound self and a very large dog bed, it was a bit tight in their Subaru, but I was thrilled to be going home with two children. I wouldn’t make eye contact at first, but then I leaned over the seat and gave each kid a big, sloppy, drool-filled kiss. It took me six-months to warm up to my new home, but I am so happy to be a part of their family, even if I have to share them with Midnight the cat who is mean.

How would your family describe you?

In my next life I want to come back as a kitchen rug. I’m always in the kitchen, laying around and hoping food is dropped on me from heaven.

What are your most defining traits?

There’s the one eye thing, but I don’t like to get hung up on that. I like kids, like really, REALLY, love them. Also, I’m very big, so big that my collar is actually a men’s belt (they do not make plus size dog collars and it is not fair!)  Oh, and I’m a foodie; I like to please my palate with different foods.

What is your funniest habit?

Every night at 9:30pm, I fall off my bed very dramatically and lay on the floor with my legs in the air.

Where is your favorite place to sleep?

Hands down, my bed. It’s the one I got at my first foster home after my eye surgery at CSU and I love it, like crazy love it. I don’t think I’d ever had anything like if before, and it has followed me ever since. When I go on trips with my parents, I have to run in and check on my bed first thing when I get home. Though I sleep on my bed every night, it’s actually too small for me … but I love it just as it is.

What is your favorite activity?

Cuddles, eating and trying to get Midnight the cat to love me. I like walks but only if I can see bunnies. Mom tells me I’m the ultimate swimming water dog, but I only wade in. However, there was one time I heard a child crying in the water; I lost my mind and jumped in to save them.

Do you have a special toy?

Anything Lexie likes.

What are you looking forward to next in life?

They are naming a reading corner after me in Harmony’s backyard where I’ll get to cuddle and read books with kids – all of my favorite things! A while back, my last foster mom noticed that while I was aloof with adults, I encouraged her grandkids to crawl on me. I watched after the children and was quick with a cuddle or a kiss when they were upset. I also tried to mother their puppy and everything else that was small and fuzzy, including the family cat. So, I absolutely can’t wait to have a special place to spend time cuddling with kids, helping them to read. That and a nap after dinner.