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Saying Goodbye & Thank you

As we quickly approach the worst day in any pet parent’s life, we feel compelled to lay down our sadness, if for just a moment, and reflect on how lucky and fortunate we have been to have you all —and Lexie — in our lives.

Ten years ago, Harmony Vet called for help with a sick Berner puppy who was suffering with Spinal Meningitis. At the time, the puppy, who was a large breed, could no longer walk and her human parents were struggling not only with her physical needs (they lived in a top-floor apartment) but also with the financial needs of caring for a very ill dog who would need months, and possibly years, of veterinary care. Many community members, local businesses, and veterinary drug vendors responded to the call for help and donated money, care and meds to help Lexie survive her first tumultuous year of life.

It is because of your compassion that she survived that year, and allowed us the opportunity to become Lexie’s foster parents while she still worked at the vet. Yes, we completely failed at fostering and Lexie became our forever dog. Because of you, she has given us countless great walks, plenty of licks and late night snuggles on the couch. And because you cared and she lived, she was able to become a service dog and help many sick pets, giving comfort to grieving owners and administering lots of hugs to all who entered Harmony’s doors.

With our girl, we have made some amazing friends, both the kind that walk upright and those who walk on all fours. Yet, we marvel that we have never met many of you, but you know our dog well. You have seen us picking Lexie up after her day of work at the clinic and asked if we were taking her out for a walk. When we were out on a walk, you’d ask how come Lexie was not at Harmony? Even the UPS man while delivering a package questioned us as to why Lexie was at our house and not the clinic where he could give her a bone? We laugh that while few knows us, there is a large pet-owning community that is a good friend of our dog.

Together with Lexie we have witnessed ten great years of sunsets. Now, as we share our last sweet Colorado sunsets with her, we want to say thank you. Thank you for caring enough to help a sick little puppy. Thank you for being a friend and part of our community, even if we have not yet met. And thank you for sharing your love with Lexie.


Erin, Chad, Natalie, Addisyn, Sadie the Newfoundland, and Midnight the Semi-Rotten Cat

With a final act of compassion, Lexie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at sunset on Thursday evening, September 16, 2021, surrounded by her family and Harmony staff.  We were blessed to have her in our lives for just over ten years. She is missed, and we are all a bit tender today. Lexie had a way of knowing who needed a hug, or just how to flash her sweet smile to lift you up. She only knew love and shared it equally. She lived to serve others, and her essence is joyful loving kindness.

Her job at Harmony was ambassador of love and compassion. She took it seriously, helping both pets and people through good times and tough times. At her last visit to WRAH Oncology, she stopped to comfort another dog who was having a tough day and gave hugs to the staff. We want to thank everyone of you who contributed to the richness of her life, and to those of you who stopped in to visit with her in her final weeks. Lexie was a community dog from the beginning, and her legacy will live on to help the community through her Lexie Fund. Lexie will have a tree planted in her honor in the back yard at Harmony, and one at her mountain cabin that she loved very much. In lieu of flowers, we ask for donations to the Lexie Fund. Checks can be mailed to the Lexie Fund c/o Harmony Vet Center 14729 W. 87th Parkway, Arvada, CO 80005 or made online.

Thank you for sharing your love with Lexie.

Lexie’s other family,

Julia, Dr. Brown & the entire Harmony staff